GTO Law & Consultancy Office brings together an experienced and skilled team of lawyers who provide highest quality legal services to major multinational and local clients.

“Governing by the power of virtue can be compared to the Pole Star, which remains fixed in place while all the other stars orbit respectfully around it.”

Confucious (Philosopher)

“60 years of experience in creating value for our clients”

GTO is a full-service law and consultancy firm based in Istanbul.

KGT Law Office (est. 1962) and Tabak&Ongan Law Office(est. 2012) joined their forces under the umbrella of GTO Law & Consultancy in 2022, complementing and expanding the range of services they offer.

The founding partners of GTO are the leading experts in their respective fields and have a deep understanding of business practices and their cultural aspects. Together with their teams, they provide to the point and practical counsel to their local and international clients.

GTO Law & Consultancy serves its clients in a broad range of industries. In so doing;

  • Understanding needs correctly and providing timely and effective solutions is our only focus.
  • Knowledge and expertise is our only drivers.
  • Trust and ethics are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Adding value to our clients’ business is our ultimate goal.

Our work approach is simple:

  • We provide to the point and practical solutions.
  • We constantly keep up with the ever-changing legal and economic scene.
  • We maintain strong relations with our colleagues in other jurisdictions.
  • We provide cost-oriented solutions that reflect our value-added to the business.
  • We keep ourselves accessible 24/7.

Such principles have given us the opportunity to establish long-term partnerships with our clients since 1962.